Research shows that more than half the population would like to build their own home at some stage in their lives. A website designed to help them turn that dream into a reality is now available.

The site is the result of a joint initiative between Government and the custom build housing industry. It provides encouragement and impartial advice to people who want to build their own home to suit their family’s needs. It forms part of the Government’s Housing Strategy to bring about a custom build housing revolution.

The site includes an interactive guide to self build – where users can key in details of their own situation (how much money they have, where they want to build, the size of house they want and various other things) and the guide will automatically calculate whether it’s feasible. If not they can adjust their circumstances until they can realistically get their self build project under way.

The site also has practical information about how to find a plot of land, where to get a self build mortgage, the different types of construction methods you can use, and a host of other issues.

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