‘OnlineArchitecture.co.uk’ is a highly experienced & specialised practice with over 20 years experience in the design and construction of buildings in the UK. We understand the requirements of Local Authorities in UK for both Planning Applications and Building Control Applications with a complete success rate. With this pedigree you can rely upon us to design a complete set of existing and proposed drawing for your new property or modified/extended/converted property.

With customers requiring ever more competitive prices on the internet and an instant service, architectural and building services also need to evolve. Architectural services are traditionally a very expensive service. ‘OnlineArchitecture.co.uk’ through the benefits of the internet and by providing pre-structured bespoke IT based service are able to produce a completely unique design service without visiting your property. Thereby saving you a substantial fee more traditional paperwork designers charge. Our fees in most cases are 75{2a6413338dd46ce8dc97d0f4dc97d3b3ed004f25e5ee5dc4cb304cdbf0284037} cheaper but you get the same service and the product is supplied electronically so you can email to your Local Authority and local building contractors for estimates.

Obtaining planning permission is the vital element in any new development, which can be elusive if not professionally handled. The planning system can be complex and confusing but we have vast experience of submitting planning applications and are able to guide you through the current legislation and policies and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals and submit an application that will be looked upon favourably by planning officers.

Many applications fail by adopting a design led approach. The client tells an architect what they want, and the architect or drawing technician draws up plans that meet this request whilst at the same time imprinting their own ‘design vision’ on the project.

This process often pays little or no regard to Local Planning Policies and the result is that the application is inevitably refused. In fact, the most elaborate and expensive architectural drawings are worthless unless they are capable of being converted into planning permission.

We adopt a planning led approach to planning applications not a design led approach. In adopting this approach to applications, we ascertain the customers overall objective first.

We then suggest ways of accomplishing these objectives within the confines of planning policies and constraints specific to the property. Only once a planning framework is agreed with the customer is a design drawn up and the application submitted.

By delegating the responsibility of submitting your planning application to us, you will benefit from our wide experience of the planning system and our proven ability to negotiate effectively with Local Planning Authorities.

This will improve your chances of success at the application stage and can reduce the need to continually redraft architectural drawings thereby significantly reducing costs.

By appointing us to prepare and submit your planning application, you will receive a focused personal service committed to meeting your requirements both on time and on budget.